Final 4

Just finished the photoshoot for these 4 looks on Saturday, what a relief! It was my first time being a creative director and stylist so I didn't know what to expect but the shoot definitely went so much better than I thought, and of course it had to be raining all morning lol but we made it work. I am sooo excited to see the finished photos!
Sneak peak coming soon! xx



Preview for whats to come
Here is a little preview of the flats I did for my Resort15 Collection coming soon. The next couple of weeks I will mainly will be posting my collection updates and behind the scene photos as we are getting closer to me finishing school! 5 weeks left ... ahhh!
More to come soon !
Love, Jondae



Mood Board / Get Away
This is about a woman who lives a luxurious lifestyle, filled with the finest things a girl could ever ask for, but her heart is free and spirited, she believes there is more to life than the materialistic things, but what life has to offer her. She is a wandering soul and has a bohemian edge. She spends most of her time traveling the world, and seeking spiritual connections, she definitely is cultured and views the world in peace. This is about a woman who is seeking for something more in life.
/ Coming up with a collection name is more difficult than I thought! For my collection I am doing a Women’s Resort line, I wanted to incorporate embellishments of mixed inspirations from the Middle East, and Morocco, and I wanted the feeling of light-weight movements for freedom and a bohemian edge but most importantly I wanted the feeling of it being luxurious. 
I am hoping to catch culture and elegance in the photographs for my collection, and catch the free movements of the garments. I am really excited to see what my team and I will come up with for the photoshoot and to definitely see the end result of everything. I have 6 weeks left!! like how fast did the time go?! like really.



Another sneak peak!

Here is a little bit more from my 20 final collection designs. I still have a lot of improvements to make but its still all in the process of getting better.

All three of these looks will be apart of my 3 final garment, its just missing 1 design which I have finished and posted a preview of it in my previous post. I can't wait for all these looks to be finished! Thats probably the most exciting part of all this!!



Design 1

Design ONE preview!

Today I finished the first garment for my final collection, I just need to add the belt but I'll probably start on the next piece first and add on the final touches at the end! I am so happy that it came together nicely, all thanks to the beautiful fabric choice that I picked. Stay tuned for more!

Much Love xx