Camel jacket By Jondaeshoes from Grey City - tunic from Zara 
This is my relaxed and simple look that I put together. Mixed with a beautiful faux piece. I love to mix bold or colourful statement pieces with something simple, as you can see with many of the outfit ensembles that I put together, which definitely makes for the perfect outfit.
Well Happy 2016 my loves! This year I plan on really focusing on myself, and to be the best person that I can be for me. Last year was the year full of lessons, but I am very grateful for everything that has happened, because everything happens as it is meant to be. This year I want to travel, read more books, meet new people, and keep busy with a focus on my career and future projects! Since I'm finally not a student anymore lol.
Love, Jondae


Final 4

Just finished the photoshoot for these 4 looks on Saturday, what a relief! It was my first time being a creative director and stylist so I didn't know what to expect but the shoot definitely went so much better than I thought, and of course it had to be raining all morning lol but we made it work. I am sooo excited to see the finished photos!
Sneak peak coming soon! xx